Coupon fundraising

National vs Local

A National fundraiser gives you the ability to run your fundraiser across the United States and contains pre-loaded coupons by national brands.  The Gift Key APP will geolocate coupons for you so that you can save even if you are traveling.  You simply put in the zip code of where you will be and it will pull the local coupons.  You can view this in map format as well. Some of the national coupons include Sam’s Club, The UPS Store, JC Penny and Foot Locker, just to name a few.  For the Planner, the merchants are already signed up and ready to access.  The national coupons are monitored yearly and will allow a supporter to see different savings options should they choose to support the fundraiser again in the future.

A Local Fundraiser gives the planner and supporter more savings options in their nearby area, typically a 5 county radius.  The Planner will have the reoccurring relationship with the merchants and will maintain the renewable contracts.  The planner will load the local merchants into the Gift Key system and can choose to include or not include them in each fundraiser individually. When supporters use the local coupons, it gives the opportunity of repeat savings to them and repeat sales to the merchant.

1. Home Screen

Coupon offers

2. Local Coupons

Geolocation brings local coupons

3. Search

Search for travel locations

4. Search Results

National coupons by zip code

5. Find Coupon

Click on the desired coupon

6. Search Location

Map view

7. Redeem

Decide to redeem offer

8. Get Coupon

Actual coupon

Why Digital Coupons?

Gift Key supports all players of the fundraising industry.  Whether you are a Planner/Promotor, Distributor or OEM, we provide the level of support needed during all aspects of your individual fundraiser.  Your Gift Key dashboard lets you view and control an unlimited number of fundraisers you may be running at the same time.  No waiting to collect order forms. Leaders of the organization can experience a stress free campaign with real time updates on the progress.

Our Fund Raising channel has been launched and offers our customers the ability to raise funds as a distributor, OEM or Promoter.  Gift Key is the combination of the capabilities of four merged companies, built to provide the holistic suite of software, services and support required to rapidly grow any fundraiser.  Gift Key provides software to enable fund raising efforts with leading technology, and provides complimentary services to our software to educate, consult, remove costly manual tasks, and elevate the fund raising experience for those who purchase fund raising vouchers and products.  Gift Key also provides end to end multi-level user support to ensure our customers are maximizing their profitability.



Plan & Manage
Coupon Fundraisers


• Identify 50-100 Organizations or Groups that require Fundraising.

• Provide an incentive model for Salespeople and Organizations to promote Electronic Transactions.


Launch Coupon Fundraiser
with Organization(s)


• Use the Gift Key Best Practices Kit, which includes email templates, videos and prize packages.

• Hold Pre-Launch Meeting 4 weeks before the Fundraiser.

• Launch the Fundraiser, focusing groups, leaders and participants on the Fundraising Goal to win awesome prizes.


Text Coupon Fundraiser
to Customers


• Leaders provide text messages and paper/cards where required, to kickoff the Fundraiser with their Group.

• Hold Daily Group Meetings to remind participants and Weekly Winner Announcements for Leading Participants.

• Attempt to get 20 customers per Participant.


Click Text URL and
Purchase Coupons


• Click the Text URL for Participants, giving them credit for prizes and purchase Coupons.

• Use 4 Coupons to return the purchase price for the Coupons.

• Use a minimum of one coupon a week during their duration and earn a minimum of $45 more than the purchase price.


Work with Planner to Provide
Coupons for Fundraiser


• Partner with Planners to craft coupons that provide business growth.

• Target a value of $5 per Coupon.Earn 2x – 5x the value of the Coupon for each Coupon used during their duration.


New in 2020, GiftKey supports all players of the fundraising industry.
Experience stress free campaigns with real time updates on the progress.


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