Nearly every business has been impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. Gift Key is taking the required steps to continue serving our clients amidst the challenges we’re all facing during this time, while seeking immediate opportunities to offer additional assistance and support. With that goal, Gift Key is making available two new opportunities to offer customers immediate support.  We are offering, for the first time, a 30-Day Free Trial of our Digital Coupons that will save a minimum of $10/week for online, delivery and pick-up, while providing support to impacted local businesses.
To learn more click Gift Key 30-Day Trial.
‍We also providing a comprehensive Remote Site Assessment for our Averics Secure Access Solution, free of charge.  The assessment is conducted online and provides insights on:- securing site access and tracking employee time and attendance- helping our customers protect themselves from worksite liability- guarding valuable office and work-site resourcesIn addition, this assessment is customizable to cater to the unique needs of fast-changing situations, such as the COVID-19 outbreak.To learn more click Free Averics Remote Site Assessment. While you have some "down or slow time" as you work remotely or your organization operates on restricted hours, this assessment takes no more than 15 minutes and could help save your organization tens of thousands of dollars. To learn more about Gift Key's Averics services or schedule your complimentary, remote site assessment, please email Mark Sanders at Mark@giftkey.org. Click here for your Free Remote Site Assesment.


Any Gift to Any Cause

One Single Point

A single access point where any contributor can give any to any cause.


Step 1

Choose your Channel

Step 2

Pick your Cause

Step 3

Give a Gift


Single Access Point via Web/Phone
Any Cause by Type
Personalized Gift to the Contributor
Product Order
Accuracy and Efficiency



The Gift Key Software and Services includes the software and services required to provide the end to end solution required to enable and automate fundraising.

New Features coming in 2020!

National and Local Coupon Fundraising

New in 2020, Gift Key is extending our software and services suite to add Smart Device / Mobile Fundraising.  We have added National and Local Coupon Fundraising to our existing Product Fundraising capabilities.

To learn more about Coupon Fundraising, click here.

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